My first Blog

I have a dear friend that has really been after me to start teaching again, and I must admit, I have really missed teaching. There is nothing like seeing revelation register in the eyes of someone that gets what you are teaching, and seeing them run with that revelation and it changing their lives. My nephew, who had traveled through a crisis of faith, as we call them, told me the other day how he remembered some of the things I taught them in Sunday School all those years ago.

That’s the power of words, the power of thought, the power of reason. Those are some of the most powerful gifts that our Father has given us.

I love to write, honestly, there is nothing that boosts my inner core more than creating a story. Music does as well, but creating something I believe brings us all closer to our Father who is the ultimate creator.

So now, I think I am finally ready, partly because things with my parents have calmed down a bit, and partly because of the work the Father has been doing in my life.

My parents are aging and have faced some health issues associated with that, with some added due to poor diet, or lack of sleep or activity.  It’s been a long almost 3 years tending to mom’s needs and I am still doing my best to help my parents.  I’m not going to lie, the first year was excruciating, but so much of that was my anger at Mom for allowing her health to deteriorate to such a dire state.  There were so many fights, her thinking she could take care of herself, and the reality that she couldn’t.  Finally I learned that her most cranky days were because she really felt awful, but had no way to really communicate what was happening in her body.

It’s really difficult when I remember the force of nature my mother was, and now in so many ways is like a child.  I have to watch and interpret what is really happening with her.  Dad is with her all the time, and so many times, he lets those things go unnoticed, but, I have seen that not always, and if I can get him alone, we can talk about what we really think we should do for mother.

I only share these things because they are a part of me. They have molded the person I am today as opposed to yesterday.  Perhaps they will resonate with you as well.

Our Father has been dealing with me for a while now.  Now with me He is gentle and long suffering, (boy is He long suffering), because He knows that although I seem strong, deep within my core I can be tentative, timid.  However I have a distinct feeling that as we travel this journey studying how rejection can strangle our relationships, we will both become not only free, but bold and a force unstoppable forever.

I’ve never had issue with believing in God’s promises for you.  But the bottom line is that for me, I never really was that sure.  And I always thought that teaching about faith and receiving the promises of our Father missed some steps.

Now, several years later, I was right, there were missing steps, but not necessarily dealing with walking by faith, but having a heart ready to receive.

From the beginning of time, I am seeing that rejection has been the biggest blocker of all that the Father has designed for us.

Rejection takes many forms, and is the root of many other negative roadblocks that hinder us having the triumphant life.

My prayer is that as we walk this journey of faith, we will obliterate those lies, and begin to fully see our Father and His promises move in our lives.

May the Father of all peace and understanding empower your life to boldly go forth and conquer all he has sent before you.



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