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A Deeper Look at the Fall

I had intended to continue through to Cain and Abel, and how rejection caused issues, and we will, but I just can’t let go of the Garden yet.

I think it’s very important to see how the serpent, the most cunning being deceived Eve.  How did he build trust? How did he infiltrate the relationship between the Creator and those created in his image?  What very important lessons must we learn to safeguard ourselves from this very attack?

Let’s look at his methods.  He was knowledgeable.  Sure did seem to know what was happening, didn’t he? He sure did have a plan too.  He knew the word, knew what God had said, and he knew how to play to the crowd.  Now, Adam and Eve are not exempt from this either.

Just look at what God said, Do not eat of the tree… and what she said, we can’t even touch it or we will die…..who added? Adam because he just didn’t want to explain it? Or Eve in her comfort of letting the relationship be more Adam and God.  I can’t really tell, there are convincing arguments for both actually. Also, we have this tendency to add to stories, don’t we? Fishes get bigger, our reactions get broader to offenses, on and on. So really no telling, however….

By adding to what God the Creator had said, a door was opened.  Instead of obedience, discussion of what He meant and His motives came into play, all because addition was made to the Word spoken.

So what does that teach us?

When we add to the word, we open doors. We invite rejection into our lives because we open the door to sin, and sin brings rejection, separation from the presence of God.

Blood is the only thing that obliterates that sin. The Blood of Jesus to be exact.  One drop of that precious man’s sacrifice brings us home. Are we perfect? of course not. Are we redeemed? most assuredly, yes.

I suppose the reason why I started this whole thing about rejection is because we all sit under such condemnation.  Let me be completely clear, that condemnation is NOT from God, Holy Spirit does not condemn us, Jesus did not condemn us, Our Father does not condemn us.

We condemn ourselves because we question our salvation, we put chains around us making all those things that brings us life a chore and a to do list something to shout at us when we fail to hold up our standard that we raised against ourselves, not standards that the Father set for us.

I feel compelled to exhort you to read, to immerse yourself in the biographies of Jesus.  See that the only ones that were rejected were those who felt they had all the answers and rejected the one and only savior.

Read of his love for us when he took on our infirmities and carried our diseases, when he willingly went to the cross because he wanted us home.

I have a nephew that is serving Our Father and our country in the USAF right now.  He is several states away.  I have a family member that is far away from home.  If he needed me, I would move heaven and earth to get to him and bring him home to safety.  How much more did our creator? I have a mother that we are fighting health issues, I have done everything in my power to make her life as easy for her and dad as possible, how much more our creator?

I know I was going to show how rejection was dealt with all through the books of the Bible, but, now I feel so compelled to strengthen our most holy faith in the lover of our soul.  Compelled to immerse myself instead in the one that came to obliterate rejection, that destroyed condemnation, that propels us to victory.

Love you, God bless you, and may today be a day you experience a new extraordinary wave of the love of God for you.




Dive In

I have had the extreme privilege of having almost weekly phone calls with my nephew that is serving Our Father and our nation in the USAF.  I am so proud of him, not because of his service, not because he’s my nephew, not because he’s awesome; but because of what Our Father is doing with his life, because he has opened his life to Him.

Let me tell you a tiny bit about him.  He is actually quite different from me, while there are some similarities.  He is talented and passionate. His emotions can be right out there, ready to face the world, willing to give you the sun moon and stars.  I, on the other hand, am much more reserved.  Where he thrives on community and companionship, I mostly crave solitude.  “Hermit, party of one” is very easy for me to slip into.  I believe we both crave real relationships with depth and purpose, that is a very important outcome of our family.

So in these talks, I have had the awesome joy of seeing his excitement of developing his relationship with Our Father, and with Holy Spirit, and now with Jesus, the Lover of our souls, Our first born brother. wow that just brought up a whole new thing for me to think about, being a first born myself, really, I am not.

Recently, and I hear this over and over, I say it myself, it’s in our mindset.  It is the “have to” (I have to pray, I have to read the Bible, I have to ….) you get the picture.

What we spoke about was, yes those things are necessary to maintain a relationship, however, if we relegate it to a chore, then there is no joy, or real relationship. Only duty and service, and didn’t our Brother tell us that there will be many who say “Lord, we did all this in your name… and He will tell them  depart from me I never knew you.”

Wow, and Woe, you never knew me? I went to church, and I even taught Sunday school and I served the widows of the church, but you never knew me?  My heart breaks for those that He is desperately trying to communicate with, and fill with love and joy and peace, and yet we are so busy doing, we aren’t being sons… another point to ponder later.

I have a strong suspicion, that if we want to truly move in all the power and knowledge of Holy Spirit, if we really want to be effective for that one person, if we really desire to do great things for Our Father, we need to change our language.

Do we need to read the Bible? of course, Do we need to pray? certainly, Do we need to spend time with our creator? you know the answer to that.

Do we need to eat? Do we need to breathe? Do we need to bathe, sleep, laugh, cry? See where I am going with this?

Very few of us turn eating into a chore. Our bodies signal us that we have hunger, and depending on our kitchen situation, we either spend a lot of time preparing a meal, or going somewhere where someone else has prepared food.  The point is, we make a plan, we want to eat, our body says…HEY and we say woohoo… what do I want to eat? Who do I want to eat with? How can I make this an event?

We want to eat, we want to sleep, we want to be with people.

We want to spend time in the Word, with Our Father. We want to know Him, we want to know He is with us, we want to know we belong.

Of course the truth is all of those things, but if you don’t KNOW it, if you spend anytime questioning your salvation, it’s because you’ve starved yourself, and your mind is confusing you.

I want to encourage you, if your desire is Him, the only way to truly know Him is to know His Word.  We can get all caught up in how worship and the anointing makes us feel, but we are called to not walk by feelings, but to walk by faith.

The only way faith comes is by hearing and hearing and hearing.  Depending on what faith you want, is what you fill your ears with.  If you want faith that you are a loser and a bad boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife or child…. you hear those things… Wait, you didn’t want that belief?…. ok, I wouldn’t either, and Our Father never intended that to be your belief either.

So how do we combat that wrong thinking? How do we develop God faith, the mountain moving, dead raising, nation creating, sea splitting faith? The only way I know is by hearing what He says. And the only way I know to do that is to submerge yourself into His Words of life He left for you.

Without being submerged in His Word, you have no true barometer to test prophetic utterances.

Without being submerged, you have no foundation.

Without being submerged, you have no roots, and you are easily tossed about, easily offended, easily moved off course.

So, my challenge to my nephew, was to Dive in to the first 4 books of the New Testament. I know we are taught they are called the Gospels, but actually, they are 4 biographies of the One that gave His entire life for us.

Jesus is the gospel, He is the Good news that God is for us and not against us. If you want to know God’s love, you have to know Jesus.

The only way to know him, is to dive in to his biographies.

Dive in to John, he wrote about Jesus as Love.

Dive in to Luke, he wrote about how Jesus listened to Holy Spirit, and was led in power by the Spirit, even when it was difficult, Jesus was still led.

Dive into Mark, he’s the power guy, you wanna see the power? Mark is for you.

And if you have any questions of Jesus’s authenticity, Matthew answers your every question, and you begin to see that while the Father had to put everything in black and white for us, it is a matter of the heart as far as He is concerned with us.

So the challenge is this. Dive in! Dive in to the story of the Lover of our souls, the author and perfector of our faith, our big brother.

If you want to walk in Love, if you want to walk in power, if you want to do great and mighty things for God, Dive in! Immerse yourself in Jesus. Desire to know him and be like him, and your hunger will change the chore to a joy.

As I was mulling over this conversation last night, I was reminded of so many of our brothers and sisters before us and their relationships and power.

I mean, John the apostle, they couldn’t even boil him… they had to exile him.

Smith Wigglesworth, a plumber in England, illiterate, but came to know God, and determined by faith, that Holy Spirit would teach him to read the Word of God.  And He did, that man never allowed any other publication in his home only the word, and he raised people from the dead.

Madame Guyon, she was rapturous about being with God.

Brother Lawrence, one of his examples was when he was in the kitchen and wasn’t focused on Holy Spirit, but Holy Spirit wanted to talk, and there he is peeling potatoes with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Take a look at some of these siblings, it will change your world.

But even if you never read those.. it’s ok, Dive in to God, and He will show you all things that pertain to life and godliness.  He will guide you.

Love you, Dive In!!!