Danger, Danger Wil Robertson

The other day I saw a fb post from a ministry talking about many of the prophetic voices of the last century warning about the coming war on Christians and that actually it will involve mass parts of the Body falling away, or swept away rather by teaching that seems to be that feel good preaching.  And it really struck me hard.  I don’t want anyone to fall away, or be swept away by doctrines that are incomplete? is that a correct way to put it?

So, I’ve been mulling it for a while then, and that was where the first post today came from, how can people that believe they are following God, be swept away? I understand laying down your life for what you believe, but if we read the Word, can we then be swept away?

No, I haven’t revisited those prophetic utterances, I’ve more been mulling it all over in my own heart.  And I guess that’s where it affects me most.  I can remember people wanting to be prophets running up to others, or sometimes just sidling up to them and giving them “words” and I can remember someone that was close to me, telling me they had a word from the Lord, and instead of it giving me strength, it deflated me. That same person that one time when we were driving suddenly “felt” something was up with the person in the car in front of us.  And then spent time with their hand extended towards the car trying to suss out what it was.  Where, when they said something was up… I just quietly pled the Blood of Jesus over them as a prayer of protection and I was done.  Nothing is more powerful than the Blood.

So maybe my own approach would leave me swept away too?

I know that there still hasn’t been the feeling of closeness that I once had with God, and I know that’s my fault.  I also know that there are places that I must repent and turn to get back on the path.

I also know that while God has already done everything that pertains to our healing, there are people around me that are not walking in the full manifestation of that truth.

If we let things get in the way, then we will miss it.  I mean, Esau sold his birthright…. his birthright for a bowl of stew.

Sarah gave her husband her handmaiden to have a kid, and then when God fulfilled His promise, the mocking and disrespect of Hagar and Ishmael got them kicked out of a rather cushy place.  Hagar was told to go and humble herself to her mistress and that God had a place for Ishmael.

How different would Cain and Abel’s lives been if their parents had made the right decisions, or even them, if Cain hadn’t been so full of pride and then anger and then self righteousness that he took out his own brother.

How different would the exodus been if Moses hadn’t killed the Egyptian because he was trying to make his destiny happen?

What about when Miriam and Aaron thought they were just as qualified as Moses and Miriam was struck with leprosy?

What about Elisha’s servant that went after Naaman to get some of those riches that Elisha had rejected? I’m thinking he was a servant not unlike Elisha was to Elijah, he not only gained Naaman’s leprosy, but he also lost the mantle of a prophet.

And what about Samson? In Sunday school we are taught that it was just the hair being cut that caused him to lose the anointing of strength, when that was just the last thing of the Nazarite vow that he defiled himself that lost it.  It took him being at rock bottom and brought out for humiliation that he finally humbled himself and God was able to use him mightily to destroy the Philistines.

So what are we missing then? What teaching are we exchanging for real discipleship and true fellowship? Tell me, I want to know.  I do know this, it doesn’t matter one bit what we think or what we believe, it matters what God said. It doesn’t matter what we think is obedient, it matters what God says is obedience.  It doesn’t matter what we anything, it only matters what God everything.

I used to have this friend. I was in love with him.  He never felt the same way, and that was good. He was an absolute obsession for me, and in that, I can remember one time he actually said. “God accepts me the way I am, he knows me, and he doesn’t expect me to change.” And my stupid obsessed self was yeah that makes sense….. it was months later, as a matter of fact I think I had moved home and that statement hit me, and I wondered what I had been thinking to entertain that notion.  How counterproductive to everything God says about being sanctified and holy and called apart and separated for His purpose. And how gullible was I? I learned though, to really listen, to really seek to understand and be steadfast in what I believe.

A couple of years later I had a friend that I reconnected with, and in the years that we were living separate lives, he had chosen to become Buddhist.  And he asked me if I thought he was going to hell.  I am not the type of person that will tell anyone they are going to hell.  I might wish some people would get away from me, but I would never willingly say or send anyone to that place.  But, he put me on the spot, and I had to tell him, that Jesus said He is the Way, that no one comes to the Father but through Him, and if he had chosen a different path than Jesus, then his decision had a consequence of being separated from God forever.

I can remember him taking a deep breath and saying “Wow”, no one had ever told him that.  His Christian friends hadn’t told him that. Is that the storm surge that is going to sweep so many away?

I need to stop only mulling it over and start studying that.

Anyway, Love you, Bless you. I’m going to bed.




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