I have so much that needs to be said, but I’m not sure where to start or to go with it all.  Mostly it needs to be said because we all have issues with it.

We think that if we serve God, even when we openly disobey or disregard something He has told us that we are walking the path.

Let me caution us all… The way to heaven is NARROW… but the way to hell is WIDE.  meaning, it is much easier to be fooled into thinking you can sidestep something you KNOW God had told you, because you don’t think you need it, or, you think you’ve conquered it, or your flesh just cries out for it, and yet even though you still seem a king, you still have the title (as far as man is concerned) your disobedience has stripped you of your anointing.  If you have any success, it is minimal, and you no longer walk in the power you once did.  Samuel told Saul… Samuel spent years listening to God, when God said go, he went. When he said wait, he waited.  Saul, not so much, he looked for the praise of men before the praise of God.  And made serious mistakes because of it.

1 Samuel 15:22 Samuel told Saul, “Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better then offering the fat of rams.”

Here’s the thing… when we take one step out of the obedience of Christ, for whatever reason, we are off the path.  Even if we strive to walk the walk, we’ve stepped off the path and remain going contrary to the will of God, because we have failed to repent.

Remember, repent just means to stop and turn back the other direction. It is acknowledging that you missed the mark, you sinned, it is humbling yourself and turning back to that point and honoring the Creator by submitting to His word and His call and His will.

I think that’s why so many of us are still sick, or financially strapped or any other struggle, because at the point that God said DO and we didn’t, we walked off the path.

We open the door to struggle, attack, discouragement, sickness, all those things, and let’s face it, we have enough of those attacks when we are all in with God and the enemy just wants to mess with us.

Maybe part of it is spending enough time alone with Him so that we can hear His voice when other’s are talking to us.  I wouldn’t consider my dad a uber spiritual man, however, there have been watershed moments in my life where he has said something to me about what he wanted me to see in my father, that I heard the Voice of Eternity telling me.

Here’s the scary thing until we go back to THAT time and repent, we are off the path. We may be walking near the path, even parallel to the path, but we are off the path.  We have traded our security and our righteousness for pale illusions of them, and then we can lose faith when the storms come.

Now am I saying that all trials are because of disobedience, but we certainly don’t make it any easier on us or those around us when we are.  Look at Jonah, and what he suffered and the men on that ship because he chose to run the opposite direction.

And look at Saul, he not only lost the anointing to be king, he lost his mind, because the anointing was gone. And he not only lost the crown, his son lost his life.

David tried to pull a fast one, and look at the havoc his shenanigans reeked on his children.

The point to all of this is… you can’t fool God, and if someone who walks in the prophetic tells you something, you don’t get to decide the timeline on the instructions, God does, because he has a greater reason for it than you know.  And your disobedience doesn’t affect you, it affects all those around you, and even people you have never even met before.  We are a part of the body of Christ, that means we are all interconnected every wrong decision, every right decision affects not only us, but the whole body as well.

I guess that is why this has been weighing on me so much the past few days.

Love you, Bless you.



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