So, I know I write sporadically.  Not that anyone really reads with regularity anything I write…. but there are times that things strike me.  Things that need to be said, but not really anyone wanting to hear.  It becomes… I suppose like Jeremiah said this is like a fire shut up in my bones… it just has to come out.

I saw a posting on faceb today, and it didn’t alarm me, but it was sobering.  It was about men of God that have gone on to be with the Lord, that are men I trust their teachings, warning about a coming storm… and so many Christians being swept away because they aren’t tethered to the Rock.  Instead of examining their lives and really putting aside the foolish, instead of crucifying the flesh, they are listening to preachers and pastors that are telling them everything is ok and they don’t have to change.  That we won’t face any hardships.

I think you can look at the world outside the US and see that isn’t true.  We are still so isolated, insulated, coddled, and like little babies when the grown ups disappear, in very big trouble.

We are so easily offended by trivial things.  We expect others to do the worst to us, but the worst is a walk in the park compared to homicide bombings, being stoned or beheaded, or singled out because you know whom you have believed.

We have spurned suffering for the cross and traded it (depending on your faith or your beliefs) maybe for 40 days of not eating a certain food or drinking something to “remind us of Jesus’s suffering” but do we really know his suffering?

I am not advocating going and sitting on a pole in the desert to get closer to God, or prove how holy you are, or to go live in a cave or beating yourself with a whip. I think those are extreme and unnecessary not to mention entirely impractical.

We are called, however to crucify the flesh. If we want great faith, we have to fast and pray to get the flesh under and out of the way to let God flow.  We need to live the fasted life. That doesn’t mean necessarily food either.  I am really bad about needing noise constantly in my apartment, so that means the tv is on nearly 24/7.  Way too often that also entails my fat behind sitting there watching some nonsense that I really could care less about.  Or going to my animated movies because there is no violence or nastiness there just to have the company.

Kinda funny for a firstborn that likes her alone time and quiet, huh? I suppose it boils down to if I control the volume, then it’s all good.

So I wouldn’t really say that I have done a stellar job of crucifying the flesh, especially recently, but these blogs are always as much for me as for anyone else.

Sometimes I need to teach or write or preach just to open that flow to hear what God is telling all of us.  Talk about a crutch, right? but it’s true.  No one is perfected, yet. We all see through a dark mirror, and if I haven’t been in the flow for a bit, I need the outlet to prime the pumps so to speak and move.  Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing everything to my remembrance and helping to remember things I had ever forgotten I ever knew.

So I’m going to study more on the coming storm, although I really don’t like thinking about those things, but I think we are seeing manifestations of them coming in the natural of the spiritual storms that are raging around us. We must be tethered to the rock if we ever hope to be safe and not swept away.

Love y’all


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