I have been working on a baby afghan for the new daughter of mother’s physical therapist.  I have this beautiful variegated thread, and I bought enough to probably make a king sized blanket.. lol.. I digress.  I made a fatal mistake, I followed the instructions on the binding on how to use the thread.  It said to squish down the tubular skein into a big ball looking configuration.  And, the knots.. oh my word the knots… I finally just had to stop and try to pull out all the knots and roll up the thread myself. It has been tedious work, and many times, men have come and offered scissors to cut it to make it easier.  That isn’t what I want. Those of you that crochet know that a knot in the middle of a dainty piece is difficult to hide.

Anyway, as I have been working on the thread, I heard, or I thought, or.. I don’t know, I realized that I was taking one knotted thing with no discernible design into a knotted something created for beauty and a purpose.

When people talk about how difficult crochet or knitting are, I always just say its just a series of knots you are making, actually, depending on the type of afghan you are making, it is really just one long knot built up upon itself to create.

So, I’m working on staying patient and sometimes making it, other times getting a bit frustrated because just when you get started it snares up again.

And since God usually does speak to me in these types of object lessons I suppose… it has really clarified some things I want to share with you.

Sometimes, doing what the “instructions” that are supposed to help aren’t very helpful at all.  They can cause a larger problem than you ever intended. which can be irritating especially when you followed those “instructions” to avoid such issues, and they just exacerbated the situation.

Then I began to see, how, I had to work the knots.  Sometimes, I’m pulling right at the beginning, but other times, I am having to attack the knot way back in the body of the thread, to loosen up and allow the thread to move.  I think we see God do that with us too.  We might not even realize why we are told to deal with something totally unrelated to what we are asking for, or working towards, because we are the knot. and we can’t always see what the obstacles are, but He does.

I also see that again at the point of the knot (the part that holds the thread too tight to move) in the beginning, sometimes we get going really good and then its a complete stop.  Sometimes, it’s the same part of thread that chokes the flow, and other times, it’s a new part.  The end is the same, our progress is choked off, stifled, stopped, until we take the time to unknot that part.  I think it’s why we can get so frustrated with ourselves thinking… “I conquered this already… why am I facing it again?” The simple fact, this is a new level of the knot, and you haven’t gone as backwards as you think you have, and you need to give God the credit and see your knotted self the way He does, beautiful thread that is worth the work, to make into an even more beautiful piece used for His glory and purpose.

I sit here amazed at thinking about that, I know how stubborn I have been insisting on unraveling this knot, and not just moving on to another skein of thread, because I see the worth and value and challenge of this skein.  This skein I chose to make a beautiful blanket for a beautiful child to honor a family that we love not only for the way he is so gentle and loving with mom, but also just because they are.

How much more stubborn, (steadfast) is our Father, he never gives up on getting the knots out that the world, and we ourselves have put in our lives, to weave us into something amazingly beautiful.

Love you.


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