Gutted, Hurting, Peeved

The past few weeks have been really trying for me personally.  There are some personal things going on with the family, that just takes time to get ironed out. It just is.  But what has been more distressing for me, is what is happening with our nation today.

I really could care less what side of what fence you are on whether politically, or demographically, educationally, or philosophically.  What I am seeing is a staggering absence of love.

It is more acceptable to ridicule or be mean spirited about an opponent than to have true dialogue.  Every side believes their side is the righteous and moral side, whether or not that is truth, and consequently, because of that, no one is ever heard.

So each side escalates.  And people die.  Agendas are more important than the blood shed at these memorials, unless the family is strong and just tells them to leave.  The frustration of not feeling heard boiling over, fires stoked by again agendas and rhetoric that complete this horrific cycle of anger and bitterness and death and grief that turns in to anger and bitterness and death and grief.

We have leaders in our community, secular and regular that either are out of touch, or seem that way because instead of addressing the grief, they want to appear so strong that they shout their mantra.  No Fear only faith.  and yes, I understand, however, you have to address the hurting.  Jesus came to bind up the broken hearted…. I can think of no greater broken hearted than what our nation has seen.  We are so mired in each side being right, or politically correct, or victorious that we run over the smallest, the mildest, the weakest, and we dishonor God.

We put up or like more inflammatory posts on social media because we are all frustrated.  And no one feels they are being heard.

But are you listening? Are you waiting to speak until you hear the words the Father puts on your lips to speak peace, healing, love into a situation? Are you falling on your knees like I saw soooo many “Christians” posting after our officers in Dallas were ambushed and murdered. Let me tell you, as a daughter of a retired police officer and the sister of a current police officer, and friend of others, I was personally offended that those of you instead of words of comfort or peace, put up what felt sanctimonious and prideful and judgmental verse at the time. Now the verse in and of itself is not any of those things.  but for you to use that to “Preach” in a situation, I was very upset and knew you were just like everyone else, you have an agenda.

Let me tell you, sometimes, God gives YOU a verse at times of trouble, not to share, but to act upon.  Did you ever think if you had spent the time to actually get down on your knees and humble yourself before the Lord and pray, instead of finding the right graphic and building it and posting it….. maybe, just maybe, we would not have lost 5 officers that day?

Maybe just maybe, all the other police officers that have been ambushed whether in Minnesota, or Michigan, or Louisiana, maybe if you spent half the time pointing fingers you were one your knees praying and seeking God’s heart in all of this… Maybe just maybe, there would be a 4 month old who still had his daddy to hold him tonight?

You as Christians have been given the tools of the Kingdom.  Whatever you bind on Earth is bound also in Heaven, and whatever you loose ( or allow by your silence) is loosed as well.

I am really getting tired of all the selfishness in this world. Everyone is offended at everyone else, everyone thinks only they know anything.  Let me remind you of a little something.


Yes he has made us more than conquerors, and we are victorious, blah blah blah.  It is meaningless and useless to be anything God has created you to be unless you use that blessing to bless others.

I am not just talking monetarily either. it costs nothing but your time and your pride to forgive and to pray.  Just because every place you set your foot you have authority over, doesn’t mean you own the world, it means, I set my foot on the police substation’s ground, and I claim that authority to protect these men and women.  I pray that all darkness is exposed. That any trap or snare is tripped early so that life is preserved.

Maybe later, I will go into more detail.. I just had to get this out, like I said before, it’s been roiling around in my spirit, and I just had to put it to words.

I do love you, I just know we can do better.  we are better because of the Blood, we can’t be like that man that looks in the mirror, steps away and immediately forgets what he looks like.  We are the reflection of the Father, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and of all of us. And He loves us, and is about ready to come and start putting some things in order.  And I want all of us on the right side of that order.

Walk in Love, let Love be your driving force. and you will be on the right side.


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