Directions, or a study in the blind leading the blind

Last night an interesting thing happened in my hotel.  I had a guest that was trying to tell another guest that didn’t have GPS or I suppose a smart phone how to get to my hotel in the middle of the night. The guy was lost, had been lost for hours before they finally sought my help.  Let’s call the one at the hotel Ace and the fellow trying to find the hotel Pops since he was a father of one of the young adults in town for the Special Olympics.

So Ace keeps assuming that Pops is in Arlington and trying to give him directions… and Pops is just getting further and further lost. When Ace asked me to help, the first thing I told him I had to know where he was to give him directions to my building.

To put into perspective those who do not live in the DFW Metroplex, and shocking, I know but there are a few people that actually don’t live here.  Arlington is basically south central area between Dallas and Ft. Worth.  Irving is more north and closest to Dallas.  Now these gentlemen were from more of the Houston area, so they came up I-45 to I-20 which merges with a loop around Dallas and a loop around Ft Worth.

So Ace is giving Pops directions, assuming that he is where he should have been if he hadn’t gotten lost in the first place.  When I asked where he was, Pops said he was on Abrams.  And Ace got all excited, I on the other hand,  thought that Pops was in Dallas and not Arlington.  Pops found a hotel, and went in, but there was no one up at the front to help him get his bearings, but he did find a police officer, mind you it is about 2:30 am at this point.  And, it was a Dallas Police officer.  the man was about as lost as he could be, driving at least 4 hours only to get lost and drive for another 2 or three hours here in the Metroplex. (if DFW International airport is as big as Manhattan Island… how big do you think the Metroplex is?  Anyway, the Officer got him headed more in the right direction, but still out of his way than I would have sent him, but that was also because Ace kept telling him to go to I-30, the hotel is not on that road.

Eventually, the story did have a happy ending, the guest did find the hotel, and I think he might have gotten an hour or two of rest before competition was to begin.

The whole situation really spoke to me about how we actually live our lives sometimes.  We assume we know exactly what we are talking about or where we are or where we are going, and we are on the wrong road, or we actually have no idea because we are so lost ourselves. And yet we think we can lead someone else to the place we need to go.

I do have this sense of direction, that I must have inherited from my grandfather, that if I drive someplace one time, usually, I know how to get there and I never have to look at a map again.  even if its been a while since I’ve been there.  My Grandmother thought I never got lost, and it wasn’t that as much as I would drive in one direction until I saw a road name I recognized, and then would know the way home.  The only time that didn’t happen was when we went to Waco, and we missed a turn.  I was a little lost, and that stressed me out, but short story long, we found our way to my aunt’s and back home again.

Part of the issue was my cousin forgot a street, or he isn’t as precise as I try to be with directions, and this was before GPS on your phone or smart phones even.

So faulty information, can get someone lost.  Thinking you know where you are and you are actually lost and don’t know it, can get someone really lost, I think Ace would have had Pops in Louisiana soon if he hadn’t asked me to intervene.

And that’s what the Father and Jesus were talking about with the blind leading the blind.  There is nothing more dangerous I think especially to a new believer than wrong instruction, unless it is being unnecessarily overly judgmental.

The only way any of us should teach about Biblical principles is with the …. ready for it? … the Bible.  The written word of God that lays out His will for us, His plan for us, His love for us, His everything for us.  The wondrous gift we have of Holy Spirit leads us back to the Word.  You know every time I need answers, it goes back to a verse, or passage.  I have a lot in memory, but I still look it up, so that I don’t mistake Abram in Arlington with Abrams in Dallas.

And if I am on the wrong Abram, looking at The Map, The Plan, will get me back to the right place, because He is just that awesome to us.

Love and peace.



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