Faith, writing, teaching.

Tonight I was looking back at some of the posts I have made, and I had forgotten several of them.

So I reread them, and I was pretty astounded, they sounded pretty good.  They didn’t sound that dissimilar to other posts created by professional writers.  Of course, just like I tell my sister, generally if I don’t remember saying something that impacted her, it wasn’t me, it was just my mouth and something Holy Spirit was saying.

So I am glad He is so articulate, because it impressed me.  It reminded me of my Junior year in High School in honors English, doing that dreaded term paper.  When I got back my report, my teacher wrote next to several of my topic sentences, “Sounds Bookish”. I remember going up to her after class and asking her what that meant, and she basically accused me of plagiarism, but since she could find no proof, because I didn’t plagiarize them, I am just that good at writing, when I am encouraged… well you get the picture.

I guess it actually took me almost 15 to 20 years to realize what she meant as an accusation, was actually a very strong compliment.  She thought my Topic sentences to my paragraphs were of such quality that they could be published.

Now, for some reason, earlier in my English classes, I remember learning how to make really strong Beginnings.  I don’t remember as much emphasis on the body of the work, and I certainly have had issues with conclusions.  It’s a lot like comma usage, lots of times I feel like I either missed that day in class, or I might have been daydreaming, you can never tell with me.

I am such an auditory learner, and skimmer when reading, there honestly is no telling.

Anyway, like I was saying, she definitely thought I had lifted those sentences from somewhere else, but had no proof, when ironically, a few years later, I actually caught a term report that was pretty blatantly plagiarized by a student, because it was about the very author I was reporting on, and I had picked up and read the same books, and then read the passages in the report. (the same errors that were in the book about the story were in the paper, word for word and that was only one of the instances unfortunately there were several)

What I didn’t know, was that student was still enrolled in that University, and I think I got them into trouble, but no, I didn’t, they did, they made the mistake that was found out.

I suppose if you look at my life, I love to read, and I love the creative force of writing.

Mother is this amazing artist, some day I will share some of her works with you all. I got words, I really don’t have the patience to draw.

Every once in a while, I can hold my own, depending on the medium, and the subject.  I can oil crayon the best paper bag you’ve ever seen.  Mostly, a first grader has more natural talent than I do.

And that is O.K. with me.  See, I never felt like I had to compete with anyone.  And the cool thing, is all of Mom’s kids and grandkids are creative. All with different mediums, but all creative.

A large part of that is whether they know it or not, God is the All Powerful Creator, and he created us to create.  Regardless of whether it is life, or art, or food, or words, or music.

So words are my big thing.  I would rather find the correct word and use one as opposed to several to convey a meaning.  I remember writing one thing and this guy that I was just obsessed with looked at me and said I needed counseling.  that was crushing. I read the same passage to a friend from work, and he told me that he could see the picture I was painting like it was a movie in front of him.

Guess which stuck with me more and kept me from writing for several years? You are correct, the negative (incidentally that was that same guy that told me that God didn’t expect him to change, I was really wrapped up in that guy, God had to move me back home and 3 hours away from him to free me of that mess)

So, I am working on, not being influenced by the negative.  I had an interview for a possible promotion at work a few weeks ago.  They chose someone else, no worries, I had already told God, that I knew that would mean He just had other plans and I was good either way.

Anyway, one of the questions was about “criticism” then, she changed it to constructive criticism, when did that ever help me and how would I blah blah blah… I don’t remember the rest of it because I was dumbfounded at criticism

Let me get this straight, I am a first born, and sometimes a very cranky first born, so I can be very critical of things, especially if I am tired or hungry or upset or just empty spiritually. However, I find nothing constructive about criticism.  I find it destructive, and divisive and hurtful, and most of the time petty.  Color me all of the above when I become super cranky pants.

What builds, is instruction, it’s taking the time to teach and grow the other person’s knowledge and confidence. It isn’t tearing down, it’s holding up when they can’t hold themselves up.  it is bearing with each other, and instead of jumping to conclusions of someone’s motives, stopping and praying, and seeking the heart of the matter and choosing to see the best in the other no matter what.

So many times, we assume the worst. And we need to change our focus.

We have to learn to trust our Creator that He knows and that He always, always, always has our best interests in His heart for us. When we have that confidence, we can take correction, or discipline, and it is a light thing, because He teaches us and shows us His ways.

I’m thinking I have crossed over like 3 different subjects with this blog. For those of you that know me intimately, you know that actually is my way.

Love you, peace.





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