Today, I left my mother’s doctor’s office, furious.  So angry, I ended up bawling at the restaurant. Dad doesn’t like tears, lol bless his heart.  There are other ways to treat mother than just her way.  I have an appointment in 2 weeks with her again, guess who isn’t going.

The reason I needed to go was to make sure mom was getting physical therapy to help keep her mobile as long as possible, but the doctor denied that, and wants instead to put her on the medicine again.  of course you do, because apparently that’s all you know.  Guess what, I was furious with you.  You have no idea who my mother is, you have no idea what I go through making sure we are taking care of mom as well as we can, but for you to not honor our wishes, and instead keep trying to peddle your poison into my mom… I find that very difficult to forgive.

I looked up what the drug does and what its side effects are… guess what? They are EXACTLY what I am trying to avoid with mom.  So, no, I will NOT put her back on that, I will NOT go back to you, I will also pull my Dad from you as well, and if needs be, will report you to the world.

I believe you went to school to gain knowledge, but, western science is not the end all to be all, and you do not have a lock on helping mother.

And as far as the physical therapy, we will work it out somehow.  I don’t need you anymore, you did help me get mom to a place, but then you refuse to see that her needs had changed, And your response for the past year has been to put her in a home.

Just as you can “see no change in her attitude” because you see her for a minute, doesn’t mean you would know how she would respond to being in a home.  I do.  I’ve seen her whither, I have never seen my mother look so small and vulnerable than when she’s been separated from us because you all in the medical field think you know better than us.

So no, as long as I have breath in this body, I will speak out, and while I might not beat you down in the examination room (because jail time would not be good for mom) doesn’t mean that I haven’t heard every insinuation or “meaning” behind what you are suggesting.

Thank you, but your services are no longer needed or wanted in my family.



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