Knotted part 2

So today after weeks of leaving it alone I picked up the knotted mess of string again.  I just had gotten so tired of the mess and the tedium and just needed to put it down and work on something else.

And that something else was lots of things, but also the baby afghan.  I was thinking the other night, how pretty the colors are together and how I like working in the little squares to make a larger piece.

And I got to thinking, that’s how the Father is with us.  Sometimes we just need a rest from the mess. all the pulling and tugging and unwinding and layers we just need to lay that down for a bit and see the wonder of the new creation we are becoming.  I think it helps us to build our faith, and eventually our stamina and when we see God working, then we can take the next step when the time comes.

That’s how I see it anyway, I wish I had gone ahead and taken a picture of the huge mess of thread it was in the beginning, because it actually is much smaller now.  I keep thinking if I could just pull that one string… that one spot and the whole thing would unravel.  Hasn’t happened yet, don’t ya know.

I’ve also been thinking about the whole cutting it to make it easier thing.  Contemplating, is that man’s answer? or is it wisdom?.  I imagine, it could be either, depending on the situation.  What is in your heart? What direction do you find peace?

What I think so far, is until I find a knot I cannot undo, that is too tight that I can’t untangle, I will keep doing it the way I have been doing, It’s a good work, with something so beautiful in the making, that I will be patient, which really is not a strong suit for me.

love ya




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