Knotted 3… The victory of patience!!!

I did it!!! I finally did it!!! I unknotted that mess of thread, a huge skein, worth 3 smaller skeins of baby thread, and its all unknotted!!!!

I never did find that one string that would just unravel the whole mess. Instead, I had to painstakingly unknot piece by piece, end to end.. but, I finally did it.

When I got impatient, I made the knot worse.  but if I was calm, and took my time, and noticed the small things, and paid attention to the path of the thread, I got it.

And of course, because I see in pictures, like a lot of us, I saw how this relates to our lives.  As the creator of this piece, I could see the desired finished product.  I know I have great thread, it is so cute! I chose it specifically for this project for a very special person to me.  That is why I wasn’t willing to give up.

I love that thread, and I love what I am planning to create, and I love the little baby girl and the family I am making it for.

Now as I looked at the mess of a knot, sometimes I could be further away and broader in my pulling and winding up a new ball without any knots. Other times, I had to be close up.  but you know, sometimes that was difficult, because the knot seemed to fight me a lot.  It liked being in that state, and really didn’t care if it changed.  Other times, the knot would run away from me, as I pulled and stretched out the thread, the weight would then pull the knot away.  Sometimes even, the friction of the two or more threads would cause them to almost fuse and I had to even work to pull that apart, so I could continue my work of redeeming that knotted mess to make my beautiful creation. And I was determined to do it, because, let’s face it. I had paid the price for it. I had bought it and taken it home.  It didn’t have to wait to become the new object for it to be taken home.

Then after I had unraveled that last bit that had eluded me, I began to think about the finished piece that I would be finishing now.  I thought about how really, it’s such a lovely pattern, that looks somewhat intricate, but, really is a series of simple steps to make it wonderful.

I think about the fact that I actually bought 3 of those large skeins and at any time I could have abandoned that mess of a knot and just started with a different skein.  But at the same time, I knew I couldn’t, because I could feel the Father showing me something.

So often, we sing songs and we shout out prayers that we want to do great things for God, we want to be a vessel.  We want, we want want want….and then when He begins to pull at our knots, we fight him, because so often we don’t understand that we are really a knotted mess without true form, contorted, out of shape and useless even to ourselves, really.

It is only in us yielding to Him and Holy Spirit, letting them pull those knots loose, to expand our borders and being submitted to The Plan, even if we don’t quite know what it looks like, that we can begin to experience the wonders He has created us to be, a gift for others to know just how special they are to Him.

Purchased, and fashioned and made beautiful for a gift, in this case, a gift of warmth and comfort for a very precious little girl of a family I love so much because of the wonderful care he gives my mom.

If I am willing to go through so much for a simple gift for a little girl named Glory, that I nicknamed Grace, how much more is He willing.  His patience is boundless for us, which I must say, is so comforting, because I know I can be trying.  Let’s just leave it at that.

I hope you will find comfort in the untwisting and unknotting of your life as He retwists and reknots you into something more glorious that ever imagined.

Love ya!!



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